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Immersive Ecommerce Redesign for Trendsetting Skincare Brand




Starface is a skincare brand reinventing acne treatment by transforming skin imperfections into opportunities for self-expression. The brand is known for their youthful aesthetic and bold product designs, such as their star-shaped pimple patches.


Before the project began, Starface already had an excellent website that beautifully captured their brand, but they wanted something better. We teamed up with our friends at Someoddpilot to help create a more immersive ecommerce experience prioritizing product exploration and dynamic, multi-channel storytelling.

starface landing
starface ux
starface ux

We began the project with Someoddpilot by conducting a detailed analysis of the original site, taking note of all its strengths while brainstorming opportunities for enhancement. Our main objective was to increase conversions by simplifying navigation and incorporating new product discovery features.


Mobile First

Starface analytics showed that 89% of their traffic was coming from mobile devices. We took a radically mobile-first approach, with a highly modular responsive grid layout bringing the mobile scrolling experience to all devices.

starface mobile first
starfce mobile first

Page Design

Working closely with Someoddpilot's design team, we created vibrant visual takedowns based on the supplied creative direction to match the brand's unique personality. Our aim was to drive long-term loyalty with Starface's young audience by translating the brand's quirky social media storytelling into an immersive customer journey.

starface creative direction

Design System

As a team, we organized all reusable visual elements into a cohesive design system to ensure that all color palettes, typefaces, icons, etc, are always applied consistently across every page. Paired with the site's modular templates and updated CMS, the new design system allows the Starface team to effortlessly update content and launch new products.

starface design system

Ecommerce Architecture

We rebuilt Starface's web store on Shopify to help streamline operations and enhance the customer journey. This revamped infrastructure allowed us to easily integrate multiple third-party tools and services such as product subscriptions, customer reviews, marketing automation, and more.

starface architecture
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We created a bold, radically mobile-first site that captures Starface's unique personality, offering an immersive ecommerce experience designed to enhance brand storytelling and encourage product discovery. 

girl wearing hydrostars
girl wearing hydrostars

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